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Christian Wall Murals for your Sunday School, Children's Church, Preschool and Nursery

Bible Story Murals are produced on durable vinyl with high quality UV fade-resistant ink. Each mural is a visual presentation of a classic Bible story or based on a religious (Christian) theme. The stories and themes include Noah's Ark, Jesus and the Children, Baby Moses, Moses Parts the Red Sea, David and Goliath, Daniel in the Lion's Den, Ten Commandments and many more Old Testament and New Testament stories.

Bible Story Murals are ideal for your Sunday School, Children's Church and Preschool areas. These Murals will transform your rooms and hallways into an exciting Biblical environment, stimulating the minds of children and adults alike.

The most popular installation technique is to staple the murals to the wall and then apply pre-painted wood moulding over the stapled area. (Click on the "Photo Gallery of Installed Murals" to view many murals that have been installed this way.) This type of installation allows easy removal and reinstallation in another area if required in the future.

Murals can be cleaned with mild soap and water, colors stay bright and last for many years. Create an exciting Biblical environment that your children will remember foe a lifetime.

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Bible Story Murals
are installed in churches throughout the united States in Sunday School classrooms, Nursery and Preschool areas, Children's Church rooms and Day-care centers.
        Many churches have installed as many as 20 Bible Story Murals in the hallways throughout the Sunday School area, creating a tour through Bible History. These murals include Old Testament stories such as "The Six Days of Creation", "Garden of Eden", "Noah's Ark", "Moses parts the Red Sea", "David and Goliath", "Daniel and the Lion's Den", "Ten Commandments and many New Testament stories.
        The "Nursery version of Noah's Ark", "Noah and the Beavers" and "Baby Moses in the Bulrushes" (all animated style) have become very popular for use in the Nursery and in the hallways just outside the Nursery.
        Children's Ministry Theme murals are not Bible Story murals, but are based on Christian themes. The "Glory Town" series of murals (over a dozen available) have become popular for installation in the hallways of Preschool and Day-care areas as well as Sunday School Areas.
        Bible Story Murals have been installed around the walls in large Children's Church rooms. Some feature Old Testament and New Testament stories. Others feature New Testament stories such as "The Nativity", "Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand", "Jesus walks on Water", "Jesus and the Children", "Palm Sunday", "The Crucifixion", "The Resurrection" and "The Ascension"