Mural Specifications

Murals are produced on a 13 oz, strong, indoor/outdoor vinyl.

  • Tear and puncture resistant, stretch free
  • Tinsel strength: 274/251 lbs/inch (DIN EN ISO 1421 test method)
  • Tear strength: 56/56 lbs/inch (DIN 53363 test method)
  • Flame Resistance: NFPA 701, Title 19, CSFM, B! (DIN 75200 test method)
  • Low temperature, no cracking at -0°F (ISO 1876 test method

Printing Characteristics

High Resolution digital printing with fade resistant UV ink.

  • This is the same printing technology that is used on outdoor billboards that are used outdoors for up to 2 years. These is no fading on indoor applications (we have murals that were installed seven years ago with no signs of fading.)


    Murals can be cleaned with mild soap and water, using a non-abrasive sponge or cloth.

    ***Murals cannot be cleaned with petroleum based solvents (such as paint thinner) or abrasive cleaning agents (such as Comet bathroom cleaner).